Zeal Apparel: Hailey Bieber's Laid back Fall Style and How to Achieve the Look

Hailey Bieber is easily one of the most luminescent, laid-back, and effortlessly stylish celebrities of Fall 2021. With her minimal yet sophisticated blazer coat add-ons and our all-time-favorite, classic, gold hoops, Hailey continues to break fashion norms. Blazing the trendy trail for generation Z, Zillenials, and young Millenials, Hailey Bieber has proven to earn her spot on our list of most iconic celebrity fashionistas of 2021. Follow along to see how you can get Hailey’s laid back Fall look this season.


The Classic Tee

If done well, one could turn the drabbest of t-shirts into an intriguingly sophisticated look. Hailey has found the perfect blend of both comfort and style – the ultimate working woman’s dream. In a flawless, oversized tee, the sky’s the limit.



Working 9 to 5

 Refined, elegant, and classy, the perfect work attire will prepare you for any office meeting that comes your way.  Hailey is no stranger to work as her modeling career has dazzled us all, skyrocketing her net worth into an estimated value of $20 million as of 2021. (Hoey How rich is Hailey Bieber?) More often than not, you can catch Mrs. Bieber sporting a radiant, oversized, blazer paired with denim for a more casual look, or with faux leggings for a classy office appearance.


Waking Up in the City

 The cold season has officially arrived! You don’t want to be stuck in the city without the perfect winter trench. The ultimate Hailey staple is, without a doubt, her signature oversized coat.

(Braun) (Karp)

Hailey being interviewed about her style:

'“How would you define your personal style?

Hailey: I'm not sure I can define it. I get asked this question a lot, and the truth is my style is constantly evolving and I'm always finding new inspiration for my style. But hopefully people find my style chic and cool.”' (Mason)


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