About Us

Zeal Apparel was founded February 1, 2021 by Zora Mathews. When you walk into a Zara store, you’ll find beautifully classic clothing for the gorgeous tall girls. When you walk into a Brandy Melville, you’ll find trendy clothing for the petite girls who can all share the same top. These stores, while both wonderful in their own way, are part of a much larger problem, the gap. According to Healthline.com, as of 2016 the average height for the American adult woman is just under 5’4” weighing 170.6 pounds. In the late ‘10’s moving into 2020, the “curvy girl” became synonymous for plus sized.

While we love our plus sized friends and adore our size zero sisters, what our founder Zora found was that most of us… just can’t relate. As a 5’0”, 125–130-pound lady herself, Zora found herself squeezing into trousers that were too long or had that infamous gap in the back around the waist. Blazer sleeves always had to be rolled up, button down tops always had to be pinned at the bust and finding waist-cinching belts to make her not look like a box were extremely difficult to find. Marketing with brands made specifically for the short, curvy, girl was basically non-existent, and this needed to change.

 Zeal is making it our number one priority to give the short, curvy, girl her well-deserved spotlight. We bring timeless and classic styles to the ladies with the hourglass figures because curves can be classy too. As Zeal Apparel continues to grow, we strive to make all the classic shorties feel included by providing styles and trends made just for us, the unspoken majority.

Our company is built on three core principles:

  1. Class
  2. Passion
  3. Light


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