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Best  known  for  the  range,  the  dynamics,  the  tone,  and  the  feel  of  her  voice.  Adele  has  been  a renowned  icon  since  the  debut  of  her  album  “19”,  2008,  proving  time  and  time  again  that  her talent  and  ability  to  evoke  strong  emotions  through  sound  and  lyricism  is  incomparable  to  many artists  of  her  time.

Over  the  years,  there  have  been  significant  adjustments  in  consideration  of  what  Adele  would wear  to  both  formal  and  casual  events,  and  oftentimes,  we  recognized  these  outfits  as  being conservative  and  classy.

Chapter  30:  Style  and  New  Perspectives

However,  Adele's  divorce  seems  to  be  the  tower  moment  she  needed  to  find  herself  truly  and enter  a  new  chapter  of  her  life.  A  seven  year  relationship,  the  heartbreak,  the  regret  and  fear that  went  into  finally  making  such  a  life  changing  decision.  Eventually,  these  events  benefited her  in  ways  she’d  only  discover  soon  after.

Adele  sought  out  healthy  and  strategic  ways  to  lose  weight  for  a  couple  of  years,  with  visible changes  coming  about  as  of  2021.  This  decision  was  made  for  the  sake  of  becoming  more healthy,  for  both  herself  and  her  son.  To  simply  feel  more  confident  in  her  body,  as  this  was something  she  had  struggled  with  throughout  her  twenties.

Many  have  sought  to  congratulate  Adele  on  her  recent  success  both  in  terms  of  exterior  and inner  work.  Subsequently,  there  will  always  be  individuals  that  will  not  support  celebrities  and people  in  general  when  they  choose  to  make  such  a  drastic  change  to  their  appearance.

Adele’s style has remained relatively the same as it was prior to her weight loss journey. The main difference is that these days, she is opting for more bold and eccentric neck lines, statement pieces like hoop earrings and new textures: faux leather, fur, etc,.

She now seems to be more comfortable expressing herself fashionably, on trend, whilst still animating her somewhat conservative and classy style.

Furthermore, her style changes, form fitting wardrobe and modern makeup are all a part of her Post Breakup redemption arc, as stated by certain trainers and stylists she’s worked with.

Her style has always been a reflection of her music, which remains consistently dark, emotional, moody, earthy, and rich in essence. She can be seen wearing rich and royal reds, blues and green, as well as blacks, browns and whites.

Fashion Favorites from Adele

From recent interviews, it seems that Adele is a great fan of the following:

Hoop Earrings: Typically Gold


Pat Mcgrath Eyeliner: In general, she loves their eyeliner!

Her Armani 2012 Grammys Dress: The Black Dress

Cate Banchet: A celebrity Adele admires for her style

Body Positivity and the Hypocrisy in terms of Adele’s recent changes:

Standing as both a representative and advocate for this community does not come without its issues. You can still struggle with being happy with your appearance, being healthy, or confident and stand behind your sociological views. Her decision to lose over one-hundred pounds was made for all of the right reasons, and as long as she did it in a healthy manner, she should not be scrutinized so wrongfully for transforming into a person she wants to be outwardly.

Something that must be addressed is how bizarre and unwarranted comments on certain recent posts of Adele’s have been from women of the body-positivity community. It was in the above instagram post that many took to attack Adele for losing the weight she’d worked so hard to lose. In no way shape or form does one’s weight loss imply that they believe beauty lies in one’s size. She has consistently been a part of and genuinely supported this community throughout her entire career.

Many have chosen to ignore her mental health throughout the entire situation. She was insecure about her weight, insecure about herself, unhappy and unfulfilled and most importantly, an alcoholic. Drinking her sorrows away and wallowing through the pains plus-sized women experience in this superficial society we exist in. She sought therapy for a plethora of reasons, and is no stranger to struggling in her personal life. We should be respectful of people when they choose to wake up and actively improve themselves in the manner they believe will activate a new mindset, regardless of the narratives of those who do not have the same life experience as her or anyone else for that matter.

Body Positivity should be all inclusive, founded in order to support people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of beauty “standards” and ideals.


Adele shines brightly, with a new light shining through her smile. She seems to be on the road to truly healing and evolving as a person.

She has always been a brilliant, beautiful, talented and sophisticated woman. Her album is beyond beautiful, she will have you floating upon the sorrow and sharp reflection with a sense of peace, maintaining recognition for what those events represented and where. We move forward knowing what life had been for what it was, for what it felt like and how we decide it will dictate our reality.

It is truly satisfying to see someone who’s been through so much come out on the other side... Okay. No puns for today? I get it...

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