Monthly Fashion Favorites

It’s time for that time of the month. Not that one, no, your favorite time of the month! And so, for the twelfth month, we have our top 12 fashion favorites:


When it comes to jack frost and frankly the unbelievably cold weather overall, you really can’t go wrong with a turtleneck sweater or fitted long sleeve.

Long sleeve 2000s length top


Too much turtle for the neck? We’ve got you covered.

A lot of 2000s styles have been coming back lately and long fitted tops are trendy as of late. They can be tucked in and/or worn on the outside. These shirts can go halfway past the butt, and look especially good when worn with baggy and flared jeans or sweatpants.

See this photo of Rachel McAdams playing Regina George in one of the later scenes rocking an off the shoulder 2000s long sleeve in a very bougie yet casual way.

Knee-high boots 

Knee high boots are always fantastic, and with the colder season we can expect to see more of this cut. Faux leather boots are wonderful and extremely versatile, while sock boots are perfect for that instagram vibe we know and love. Think of the good side of the 2010s!


Beanies  are  so  cute  and  comfortable!  They  will  keep  your  ears  warm,  your  head  toasty  and honestly,  they  make  any  outfit  look  more  cheerful  and  light.  The  possibilities  are  endless  thanks to  the  wide  array  of  beanies  there  are  out  there.  They  can  blend  into  the  outfit,  or,  they  can  be  a statement  piece..  It's  all  up  to  you!


Scarves  have  the  same  versatility  opportunities  as  beanies,  remaining  far  more  trend  neutral  in comparison.

“Ugly”  Sweaters

A fun  chunky  ugly  sweater  for  the  winter  break,  for  family  photos,  and  for  a  good  holiday instagram  moment!  They’ll  make  you  feel  just  as  fuzzy  on  the  inside  as  they  do  on  the  outside. Whether  it  be  a  reindeer,  a  snowman,  or  even  the  Grinch…  not  quite  sure  why  you  would  wear the  anti-christmas  creature  front  center  on  your  chest,  but  whatever  makes  you  happy!  Now where’s  my  hot  chocolate?

Fur Trim Coats/Jackets

Staple  items  with  a  certain  sophistication  about  them.  Fur  trim  always  brings  a  little  extra something  to  an  outfit!  Big  wool  or  poly  coats  with  faux  fur  trims  are  not  only  fashionable  but also  especially  warm.  A  favorite  has  to  be  a  faux  leather  jacket  or  leather-like  material accompanied  by  a  tightly  sewn  trim.

Geometric Patterns

A personal  favorite;  they  are  chic,  classy  and  can  hold  that  essence  regardless  of  size  or  color thanks  to  their  geometric  shape/detailing.  Geometric  patterns;  geo  scarves,  geo  earrings,  geo dresses  are  all  not  only  on  trend  but  timeless.

Straight Leg Pants

Straight  leg  pants  give  your  outfit  a  more  classy  and  fresh  look.  They  are  a  mix  between  casual and  professional  attire.  A  nice  pair  of  tan,  off  white  or  black  or  navy  blue  straight  leg  pants, especially  those  with  a  straight  hem  in  the  front  are  all  you  need  to  seem  like  a  business  woman on  a  break.

Ski Pants

Ski pants are the perfect comfortable alternative for regular sweatpants. They are just as warm, if not, even more so. Most importantly,

Ski Glasses

In addition, ski glasses are a fun in season alternative to regular sunglasses.

Leather Gloves

Leather  gloves  are  a  mature  alternative  for  mittens  and  wool  gloves.

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