Top TEN, On Top of Trends: What to wear for fall 2021!

1. Upping the saturation levels!

When you think about fall, warm colors like sepia, amber, scarlet and maroons come to mind. If you want to stand out this fall, try dialing the saturation levels up a little. Muted shades are the way to go for a little more umph! Be festive!


2. NOT ENOUGH? There can never be too much color... Right?

When in doubt, more is better. Adding a bright neon color to an outfit will add that “wow” factor you were looking for. By balancing these popping colors out with black, or white, you automatically make your outfit that much more stylish. See these outfits worn by Hailey Bieber! These are great examples of balance / contrast:



3. “Baby it's cold outside, I think I need more LAYERS”

Fall is the optimal opportunity to put on every sweater in your closet and call it high end. Jokes aside, wearing a button up shirt under a comfy sweater adds a little more pizzazz to your outfit.

4. “It's giving body!”

“Dresses? But it's cold outside?!”. Body con dresses have always been trendy. They are essential basics that are a total must have for your overall collection. With the colder seasons arising, you might feel inclined to put them in your basement for the time being.

What if I told you you could rock that form fitting dress despite it being pumpkin latte season? The solution? Stockings!

No, I am not talking about the ones your parents would force you to wear as a kid. The poorly fitted ones that had your favorite cartoon character repeated throughout the design. I am talking about the classy, mono colored ones that can accentuate your legs and add a little more class to your outfit. Also, if you're looking for fun, see Fran from the popular 90s hit TV show “The Nanny” rocking her iconic little black dress with stockings. She looks gorgeous as ever! Especially with that mini jacket!


5. Gloves... You heard me! Gloves!

Silk, satin, leather, cotton, as long as they fit, they’re in. From old hollywood length gloves to the current trend of wearing arm and leg warmers, the possibilities are endless. Plus, your hands will be less cold. And who wants cold hands?

6. Pinks and Purples

Don't you just love a good dusty rose or lavender? These colors have been in for a couple of years now, and have definitely stood the test of instagram trend time.

7. Cute jeans... “Your cute jeans...” - Kendall Jenner said it best!

In the midst of our 90s denim revival, boyfriend jeans are the way to go, as well as distressed and longer fitted pants.

8. Leather

Faux of course! Leather can always add an edge to any look.

9. Sweater Vests

Sweater vests look good with just about anything. They can be dressed up with a button up shirt, a blazer with matching pants and closed toe loafers. They can also be dressed down with a basic under sweater or shirt, mom jeans and converse sneakers. Truly, the outfit combinations for these vests are endless.

10. Diamonds- I mean, Pearls are a girl's best friend!

They were everywhere throughout summer 2021 and they aren't going anywhere either! Whether faux or for real, they always look stunning. Not to mention, there are a plethora of affordable items on our website. They dangle from dainty gold chains to chunky statement pieces.


Sorry George, but it was only a matter of time... Mixing a little bit of this and a little bit of that adds a lot more personality to your outfit than one might think.

Picture this: A transparent jacket worn on top of a neon green turtleneck, paired with black sweatpants and white air forces.

How about a black button up blouse, worn with a black leather mini skirt , black stocking, kitten heels and a muted orange corduroy jacket or flannel?

The world is your oyster!

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