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It's that time of the month where we review some fashion favorites. There are so many trends, whether macro or micro, and it's hard to figure out what's really popping with how fast they come and go. Well here, we talk about what's trending and what should last because, let's be honest, some things should stay no matter what Tiktok says! It's time to state the obvious, ruffle some feathers, and get down to business. (Yes, I just put together a couple of sayings all into one sentence! I'm just cool like that!)

Anyways, let's get started:

Blacks and Browns

I am obsessed with blacks and browns this month. Brown has been a trending color throughout the majority of 2021. Black is simple, easy to work with, and always makes you look put together. The two alone and combined are perfect for the season!

Brown Color in Trend Zeal Apparel Blog

Zeal Apparel Blog Picture

Zeal Apparel Blacks and Browns Blog

Zeal Apparel Blog Blacks and Browns



Oversized Blazers

Zeal Apparel Be the light Blog Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazers are stylish and practical. Depending on the pattern and thickness of the material, you should be able to wear them through the snowier months. These blazers look great with just about anything. You can always count on them to make an outfit look polished and well-thought-out.

For a more casual look, try wearing an oversized blazer with a baggy t-shirt, some sweat pants, and chunky sneakers.

An oversized blazer is less formal than a fitted one. Even so, you may look very charming whilst wearing one with a more fitted turtleneck, a pencil skirt, and some pumps.

Zeal APparel Be the Light Blog Oversized Blazers Post

Blazers can be dressed up or down; worn here, there, and everywhere.

Oversized Blazers Zeal Apparel Be the light blog post brown coat

Oversized clothing


Oversized clothing has always been cool, and we can see that it has been more than acceptable to wear as of the early 90s where music groups and young people would wear these clothes for both style and comfort. Graphic t-shirts and ripped baggy jeans were viewed as delinquent and lower class at first, which was likely a racially motivated opinion. Thanks to the many people of color that participated in the curation of this style, we now refer to this fashion as Street style.

Both men and women of all ethnicities can rock baggy casual clothes. Street style is industrial in appearance, requiring well thought out clothing rather than expensive name brands. It is very common to see a person wearing a sweatshirt over a large white T-shirt and then a pair of pants or jeans that compliment the sweatshirt.

This style looks great with Chunky sneakers. I love chunky sneakers because they look like the kind of shoes the Bratz dolls and cartoon characters from the early 2000s wore.

Street style Zeal Apparel Be the light blog

Some chunky white shoes or off-white shoes are all you really need, especially if you're on a budget. They look great with casual wear regardless of what they are accompanied with. Still, cargo pants, sweatpants, and denim jeans are best suited for these shoes.

Here are some examples of casual oversized clothing, and chunky shoes that are bound to fuel an unhealthy obsession:

Zeal Apparel Shoes Be the Light Blog

Shoes Examples Zeal Apparel Be the Light Blog

Stockings / Lace Stockings / Fishnet Stockings


I suffer from a lace/fishnet obsession. I get this urge; An impulse that triggers my right hand to punch in my PIN… I can't stop! HELP!

You’ll love the way they look in dresses and skirts. They look great with a nice pair of pumps or Mary Jane heels. I am looking forward to wearing these with every dress and skirt I own from summer and fall shopping sprees.

Black Lace tights Zeal Apparel Store Be the Light Blog

Black shoes Zeal Apparel Be the Light Blog

Sweater Vests


Sweater vests aren't going anywhere. We saw knits of all kinds last summer, but for this month, there are more options. This is why they’ve grown to become a favorite!

You aren’t limited to wearing the vest itself or wearing it over top of a white shirt anymore. Though this look is tres chic, versatility is always a bonus.

November = Cold, which means you can wear...

Fitted vests:

- By themselves

- Over a T-shirt

- Over a turtleneck

- Over mesh tops

- With long knitted gloves

- With jackets

Zeal Apparel Fitted Vest Fall Autumn winter Be the light Blog

Zeal Apparel Loose Vest Argyle Cropped Be the Light Blog

Loose vests:

- By themselves

- Over a large T-shirt

- Over a fitted shirt

- Over a blouse

- Over a large crew neck

- Over a large turtleneck

- Over a fitted turtleneck

- With jackets

Sweater Vest Loose Zeal Apparel Store Be the Light Blog

Loos Vest Sweater Zeal Apparel Store Be the Light Blog

Loose Sweater Vest Oversized Zeal Apparel Store Be The Light Blog

2 clothing items turned into 14 different bases for an outfit just like that!

And who doesn't love options?

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