How to Style Your Summer Favorites for Fall

When transitioning from summer to autumn, many struggle with what to wear and what to hold off on until spring. Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could wear those same clothes year round? Here’s how you can do it:

1. For dresses, wear a hoodie over top.

Especially for your midi dresses, you can still wear them and look fabulous if you put a hoodie or sweater over top. Pair them with either some booties or some boots, so that your outfit can be weather appropriate and stylish. I recommend wearing a belt as well to maintain a visual figure.


2. Patterns and Colors

Light tops can be mixed with Beiges, Browns, Blues, Olive Green, Forest Green and Blacks. This is so that there is a balance between the lively and flashy summer colors and the cozy and earthy vibes autumn tends to hold. Spring and summer typical patterns, especially florals can be made to appear more fall themed by adding ankle or knee high boots, bags or jackets in the colors above.

3. Pastels and shades

One might assume that pastels are reserved for summer and spring time. There's no reason to put those pastel dresses, shirts and skirts away for the colder seasons. You can pair these items with blacks, whites, greys, and browns in order to make them seem more like they are part of a fall wardrobe. Darker colors for the win. For example, if you were to wear a frilly green dress, it would be smart to add a dark brown or black jacket as well as brown or black boots, accessorizing with a brown or black bag and so on and so forth to make the outfit appear more suitable for fall, and winter weather.

4. Shorts

Both long and short shorts can be worn with fitted shirts, or sweaters. Wear a trench coat or long jacket which would allow for comfort and warmth. I recommend wearing denim shorts and a long trench coat or cardigan.

5. Skirts

Mini skirts can be worn with dark or light tights / stockings depending on what color the skirt is. Midi skirts would be perfect for transitional weather; appropriate and fashionable.


6. Tops Layered over Blouses

All of those lacy cami tops you bought at the beginning of summer are here to stay! Try putting on a basic fitted blouse underneath a cami top for a youthful fall look.

7. Vests and Corsets over Turtlenecks

Corsets took the world by storm early Summer 2021, and you can count on them to look wonderful overtop of a turtleneck, or any long sleeve body con tops. The same goes for mini vests.

8. Incorporating knits

When in doubt, knitted sweaters, cardigans and hoodies are just what you need! In this case, wearing a knitted garment with just about any short sleeve, summer vibe

outfit will enhance that cozy look you were going for. Not only are they comfortable but they also add a bit more character to your ensemble.


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