How to Feel Confident in Your Clothes

At the end of the day, we can't expect ourselves to always feel confident, whether that be in our bodies, our style, or our decisions. Here are some ways to feel more confident both in yourself and in your clothes.

Embrace yourself

Whether it be for your body or your style, it's always important to first accept and embrace yourself. It’s easier said than done. The process is long but crucial to your own confidence and personal development. We cannot evolve in a healthy fashion without first looking inward. What is it that you want in life? What is it that you want the world to know when you walk out of that door? That is all that matters. This is your life, you are the creator of your reality! My goal here is to teach you ways to make yourself feel better about yourself and discover what works best for you! Give yourself the opportunity to blossom with the nutrients of which can only come from self love.

Recognize what you want to enhance
We all have at least one part of ourselves that we love! Parts of your body you would like to enhance should be covered with lighter colors or even showcased to bring attention to those assets. Darker colors can slim and disguise areas that you would like to hold less attention. Your eyes might be a beautiful color, and so, try makeup looks that draw attention to the eyes. Love your long legs? Try wearing skirts or pants that flatter those features! By experimenting with what you know works for you, you’ll be able to establish a style that highlights what you are already comfortable with, thus gaining confidence in your appearance.

  • -  The angles of stripes will trick the eyes into thinking that area is longer or wider.

  • -  Lines can create certain silhouettes that flatter your body, encouraging the eyes to focus

    on those lines

  • -  Dots, prints and other patterns will draw attention to those areas

  • -  Darker colors will slim

-  Lighter colors with make elements appear larger

Dressing for your body type
By figuring out your body measurements, you will be able to figure out what styles should look best on you in theory. The body type guides you find online are merely for educational purposes. It is wise to look at yourself in the mirror while doing this, but the use of a measurement tape would suffice. In this video uploaded by Justine Leconte Official, she will show you how to take those measurements and what your body type is based on those measurements. And don’t forget, all bodies are beautiful!!!

Know your colors
Lets face it, not everyone is going to look good in a bright and cool toned orange (I know I don't). But I’d bet millions that there are at least 5 colors that would look fantastic on you, enhancing your features and complimenting your natural undertones. Another concept to consider is what your intentions are; what are you dressing for? Who do you want to be? If you want to dress with the intention of appearing mysterious or seductive, a frilly yellow polka dot dress might not be your first choice. Curate a theme of what compliments you while also remaining in the intentions you have. It is who you are and what you want to become that should be reflected in your ensembles in order to create a confident foundation.

Wear what makes you comfortable, both physically and personally
If you are having trouble with feeling confident in yourself, it is important to wear what makes you feel comfortable before what you want to wear. This is because there is a likelihood that

there is a trend that might look great on a lot of people, whereas you might not feel like you do. If you have a certain style or specific clothing items that you are most comfortable in then that is what you should opt for.

For example, dressing for comfort is becoming increasingly popular. We see a number of celebrities wearing oversized hoodies, sweatpants and comfy shoes. What defers them from the average outfit is that these celebrities choose items that still flatter them in color and wear items with cool designs or accessories.

Ariana Grande has worn oversized hoodies and sweatpants in a number of photographs whilst she was doing everyday celebrity things. She still looks very cute and stylish. I personally love dressing for comfort, especially on those days where I don't feel at my best.

Wear what you like to wear!
At the end of the day what matters is what you like. As said repeatedly previously, you should dress for yourself and your intentions. What makes you happy is what is best.

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