Gym and Workout Essentials

To be honest, there’s no better time to start. You’re searching up workout plans, pre-watching Chloe Ting videos and even signing up for a solid gym membership. Still, something is nagging at you… the clothes.

This isn’t high school P.E. You don’t have to wear borderline prison-wear.

It's time to get some athleisure, fashionable sports attire, as well as matching accessories and apparel.

Here are some gym and workout clothing essentials:

Leggings… Duh.

Ever since they were invented, it's plain to see, they’ve become a staple item from high-end to casual fashion. Athletic leggings are durable, skin-tight, and breathable. You can move easily in these, as they are manufactured with the wearer in mind.

There are two kinds of leggings that are seen prominently both online and in-store; seamed leggings and seamless leggings. Seamless leggings look sleeker than leggings that have visible seams.

Leggings come in all sorts of colors, from pastels to brights, and darks to lights. In my opinion, the most appealing leggings are patternless or have minimal details, like checkered or textured leggings. Minimal patterns might be used to accentuate the butt, shapewear being notorious for using lines to give off the illusion of a bigger butt.

Singular colored leggings look mature and classy, while also not making yourself look overly dressed up for your workout.

Leggings Zeal Apparel Be the light blog Activewear

Zeal Apparel Black Leggings Online Fashion Blog Be the light Activewear


The best option for warmth, comfort, and style outside of legging are sweatpants.

Sweatpants can have any color, pattern, or design and still look fun and fresh. Whilst leggings might look tacky when decorated or overly designed, sweatpants are expected to be expressive and stylish.

Sweatpants can be somewhat fitted, baggy, and/or oversized. All of these size variations look fantastic!

I'm not Regina George, there aren't really any rules when it comes to sweatpants. Even so, when deciding what to wear with your sweatpants, consider how you might want to balance out your outfit. If you are wearing huge baggy sweatpants, a fitted top or a sports bra would look really cool.

Experiment! Rest assured that you cannot go wrong with a pair of sweatpants, especially in the winter season.

Sweat pants sweats Zeal Apparel Store Be The Light Blog


A nice pair of shorts for comfort, breathability, and style. Love your legs? Shorts. Love your butt? Shorts. Booty shorts are always fun, and so are drawstring shorts. Here are some pairs of shorts to check out:

Drawstring Shorts Zeal Apparel Be the Light Blog

Booty Shorts Spandex Activewear Zeal Apparel Be the Light Blog Athleisure

Athleisure booty shorts Be The Light Blog Zeal Apparel Store Athletic Wear

Shoes / Trainers

Get yourself a nice pair of running shoes/trainers. You’re jumping up and down, running around, and lifting weight all with the support of your feet. Whether you're shopping for style or comfort, there are many options for you!

With that being said, you can't go wrong with a pair of chunky white trainers!

Chunky White Sneakers Athletic Attire Athleisure Zeal Apparel Be The Light Blog

Sports Bras

“You mean I have to wear a bra even when I'm working out? Ugh. But wait, if I only wore a tank, I wouldn't have the support I need. What should I do?!”

Sports bras are the perfect fix.

Sports Top Athletic Wear Sports bra Athleisure Zeal Apparel Be the light blog

Hair Ties / Scrunchies / Hair Clips/ Headbands

Scrunchie Hair Clips Accessories Zeal Apparel Be the Light Blog

If you have a shorter haircut, you can still wear them as accessories on your arms or bags. Of course, headbands are still a must because who wants hair in their face when they’re working out?

Scrunchie Hair Accessories Blog Zeal Apparel be the light

Water Bottles

Self-explanatory. Dehydration is not hot!

Water bottles hydration athletic wear be the light blog Zeal Apparel

water bottles hydrate Zeal Apparel Store Be the Light Blog Athletic Workout

Tote Bags; Your own personal, portable Black Hole!

Although satchel bags are trendy and cute, how much can you really hold in there? A tote bag with a cool print or tasteful embroidery would be both fashionable and functional.

So go ahead and throw everything including, but not limited to, the kitchen sink, and be supremely prepared for your workout.

Tote Bag Zeal Apparel Store Be the Light

Tote bag active athletic wear be the light blog Zeal Apparel

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