Gift Guide for Fashion Lovers

“Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congrats on the engagement, Yay you’re not pregnant...”, there are so many occasions to celebrate in the year!

But what kind of gift should I get for my fashion (obsessed) loving loved ones?!

Here is a Gift Guide for Fashion Lovers, and friends of Fashion Lovers:

Key Points

1. Fashion trends they love

2. Periods they love

3. Items you know they need

4. Items that go with items you know they own


Zeal Apparel Gift Guide Be the light blog

Zeal Apparel Gift Guide part two be the light blog

Zeal Apparel Gift Guide p3 Be the light Blog


My friend is a 20-year-old university student who loves current trends, falling somewhat into cute and comfortable clothing. When I look at her social media, most of her posts depict her wearing pastel purples and blues, as well as white and pink. Her outfits are soft, and colorful which complement her deep skin complexion.

What clothing items would I buy for her? Here are some ideas I came up with:

- A beige teddy bear jacket

- A beige cardigan

- Lilac sweater vest

- Lilac cami top

- Retro / funky sunglasses

- Brightly colored bracelets

- Statement white and baby blue resin/clay earrings

Beige Khaki Cardigan ultimate gift guide Zeal Apparel Be the Light blog Sweater Vest Zeal Apparel Be the light blog Gift Guide  Sunglasses cool shades be the light blog Zeal Apparel
Brown Teddy Coat Zeal Apparel Be the light blog Pink tank top gift Guide Zeal Apparel Be the light Blog Earrings gift guide Zeal Apparel Be the light blog
Elastic bracelet colorful Zeal Apparel Store Be The Light Blog Tank top satin lavender Zeal Apparel Be the light Blog gift guide blue heart earrings Zeal Apparel store be the light blog gift guide
Based on what I already know about her wardrobe and the items she chooses to showcase the most, I can guess what else she would love. Here, she has more of what she already has, in different colors and some things she doesn't already own that would look great with what she does.
With this in-depth gift guide, you now know four core rules of thumb, some do’s and don'ts, and a brief example of how to go about this process.
I have to let you go now! The last thing you need is a stressful last-minute trip to target and beyond…
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