Comfy Cozy Chic Galore

There's no such thing as too much cozy. In this case, we're giving you our favorite cozy clothing choices this year. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, there's always room for more sleepwear.


1. Christmas Print Leisure Sweatshirt Top

Beginning with the style reason for the season, the ultimate Christmas sweater. Yes. Be that person. When the boss calls for an ugly sweater day, ditch the ugly and keep all the best parts of the yuletide joy.


2. Satin Pocketed Tee and Shorts Lounge Set

Prepare for the best sleep of your life in this cozy, satin, pajama shorts set. With material smoother than a baby's bottom, you'll never want to get out of bed in these pj's.


3. Contrast Binding Pocket Front PJ Set

Highlighting the cutest drawstring bow for both comfort and utility, these shorts absolutely had to be on our list. This cozy season would be lost without them.


4. Buttoned Crop Top and Crop Pants Lounge Set

The underestimation of linen is astounding. The comforting touch of a nice linen pair of loungewear bottoms is, and will forever be, a Zeal Apparel favorite.

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