5 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Style

Let's get right into it!


1. Always Add A Belt To A Blazer

When in doubt, add a belt. The belt will accentuate your curves and add a little ✨sparkle✨ to your outfit.


2. Keep It Trendy

Stay up to date on smaller trends. "But I don't want to change who I am to stay on trend!" When it comes to staying "on trend" it's great to remember this "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun." All fashion is recycled and there will always be trends that come and go. Don't be afraid to dive deep into what's on trend, taking only what makes you feel most confident so that you can 🪄shine! One trend that has been around for ages is denim


3. Symmetry!

When deciding what to wear, you'll want to make sure your proportions are correct and that everything is symmetrical. Just as with Feng Shui, what you wear should be in perfect harmony. Depending on the look you're going for, this can mean different things. To achieve the "oversized" look, you may want to wear a lounge sweater with similar bottoms, or switch it up by adding biker shorts for a fun, sporty look!


4. Don't Be Afraid To Explore Shades

There are so many different colors to wear! Yes, black will always be in style, but with approximately 10 million colors in the world, why only stick to one? (..or all of them together as one?) Exploring the color wheel can help you stand out and knowing just a little bit about color theory will launch you exponentially above the rest. Shine bright!


5. Texturize

Don't be afraid to add texture. Faux leather, chiffon, and linen are a few of our favorites at Zeal Apparel. Simply switch out your old jeans for a fresh pair of faux leather pants and you'll be dazzling in no time.



All items mentioned can be found here! Be The Light ✨🪄🕯

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